The Luce Team

Trusa Patel Luce Photography Southlake Dallas Texas Photographer

Meet Trusa

Hi, I’m Trusa, a born and bred Brit!  I grew up in Sutton Coldfield, England and moved here shortly after college.  I still love all things British, and go back as much as I can. My family also really loves Texas and we are so blessed to call it our home! The studio is a dream that I really never believed would happen…but it did and I’m so grateful! I absolutely love what I do. Having a supportive family makes everything possible!

FUN FACT: I know really obscure British slang words that not many other people know!

Sarah Goucher Luce Photography Southlake Dallas Texas PhotographerMeet Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a born and raised Texas girl with a big family. I love camping and spending time outdoors, and especially love rock climbing with my husband! I can’t do too much of it currently, though, because my husband and I are expecting our first child later this year! I can’t wait to expand our little family and share my favorite Texas things with her; like Braum’s, Blue Bell, and barbecue.

My coworkers tell me I’m a very happy person and it’s true – I love to laugh! I’m pretty much always smiling – but it’s also because I love what I do. I love photographing all our clients and getting to work with all the fun families we meet. Come by the studio and tell me a joke!

FUN FACT: When I was young I had a pet parakeet named “Pretty Boy”. The parakeet was a girl.